A New Clean Energy Breakthrough using what You Might Least Expect

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Original Article posted at Oilprice.com | by Tsvetana Paraskova

In this recent article, a greenhouse gas may actually be used to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol

It could not be more ironic: carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas responsible for climate change, may be able to help the renewable energy industry in the future. Scientists have discovered a way to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol with a single catalyst, totally by accident.

The accidental discovery, however, may have huge implications on balancing the power grid supplied by intermittent renewable sources, the scientists say, by creating a way to store excess electricity generated from wind and solar.

The carbon dioxide-to-ethanol reaction uses low-cost materials, and can be conducted at room temperature—and more importantly, the researchers believe it could be scaled up to industrial-level applications…

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