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Dominovas Energy Board of Directors member and President of the Africa Division Emilio DeJesus meets with Dr. Abdulaye Sylla – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Mali – to discuss Dominovas Energy, its RUBICON fuel cell system, and delivering electricity to his nation.

Letter From Neal Allen, CEO

Dear Dominovas Energy Corporation Shareholder(s):

By way of this letter, please allow me to introduce myself to many, while also greeting many of you that already know me. I am Neal Allen, your company’s Chairman and CEO. I say “your” company because I want you to understand I am fully and ever mindful that I serve at the behest of you, our valued shareholder.

My journey in becoming CEO of Dominovas Energy was humbly launched over 6 years ago, as I traveled the globe witnessing firsthand, the lack of consistent and reliable electricity delivery, specifically in Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa.

I knew there was a solution, and I challenged myself and my business partners to find it. We studied the energy business as a whole, initially; but quickly determined fuel cell technology was the best solution. Understanding there are less financially taxing solutions to provide energy on a short term basis, the challenge, however, was to deliver a long term solution that could yield exponential benefit to the end user. There is no better solution than the fuel cell.
The next determination was to decipher what type of fuel cell technology would best represent the impact I felt needed to be made to truly make an undeniable difference for the customer. After many months of study and exploration, we chose Solid Oxide fuel cell technology.

It was about this time Dominovas Energy, LLC was introduced to Western Standard Energy Group, a Canadian based oil and gas concern. After months of negotiations and planning, we perfected an RTO (reverse merger), in order to provide the appropriate platform that would be required to produce thousands of megawatts of electricity to the most viable markets.

The reconstituted Dominovas Energy board consists of me, Mr. Spero Plavoukos, and Mr. Emilio DeJesus. Our executive team includes me as President and CEO; Mr. Michael Watkins, our COO; Mr. De Jesus, our president of Africa operations; Dr. Shamiul Islam, Director of Fuel Cell Operations; and Mr. Eric Fresh, SVP of Finance and Investments, a Georgetown University MBA and GE Capital veteran who is leading the charge to finance individual projects the company has secured, as well as being responsible for securing the overall financing for the day-to-day internal operations of the company. Under his leadership, Dominovas Energy is making significant strides in this regard, and I am optimistic his yield will serve Dominovas Energy Corporation well, in order to continue upon a course of action that supports both our short-term needs and long term goals. I invite you to review our company website for more detailed information on the entire Dominovas Energy team.

As a valued shareholder, I can tell you that the “state” of Dominovas Energy Corporation is healthy and continues to grow stronger each and every day. This past year was one that afforded us to fully solidify the company’s filings, become fully reporting and publically traded, build the right team, and set our course. The stock price at current levels is a great value, and time will reveal the diligence we have put forth in building this company. My objectives over this past year were purposefully explicit in nature, as I not only had to complete the process of making Dominovas Energy a fully reporting and fully compliant company in the eyes of SEC, but I also had to build the business operations and plan of execution to carry out the commercial proliferation of our fuel cell technology, known as the RUBICON™.

We are resolute in our mandate to always execute smartly and efficiently. Our plan of execution is simple and direct and includes fully utilizing the resources we have labored hard over the last year to secure. We have the “best of the best” in the industry as OEM partners, including DELPHI Automotive, along with cadre of multi- billion dollar OEM partners that are collaborating with us. We have orders to fill; and we are continuing to develop and nurture our political and social capital as required to yield significant returns for the company in the years to come.

In evidence of the forgoing and as was reported in our 8K filing, I am proud to let you know Dominovas Energy Corporation has been accepted as the first and only fuel cell company selected as a Private Partner member of President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative. Please visit the Power Africa website for greater detail: www.usaid.gov/pow. Our Investor and Public Relations team, as led by Michele King, will periodically update our website detailing the latest news and happenings of the company. Please avail yourself of this resource: www.dominovasenergy.com.

Although your paths to becoming DEC shareholders vary greatly, consider yourselves fortunate, as I feel bullish about our product, our direction, and our future. As Chairman and CEO, I will continue to expect excellence in all we do as a company. I appreciate your confidence in Dominovas Energy and the team of leaders we have assembled, and perhaps we will one day have the opportunity to meet in person.

Until such time, I humbly remain,


Neal Allen
Chairman & CEO

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