Global Impact


Hydropower is increasingly becoming a focal point of global interest as an environmentally-friendly source of renewable energy. In the face of gradual global warming and increasing environmental pollution, nations worldwide have joined forces to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gas emissions are considered to be a possible cause of climate change and measures to curb the use of scarce commodities and fossil fuels are aggressively implemented. Currentergy™ prides itself on its environmental stance to protect the natural environments in which it operates for truly sustainable hydropower development.

Hydropower unquestionably meets environmental and water protection requirements. Currently, only one fifth of the world’s hydropower generation is being utilized and less than 8% of Africa’s technically feasible hydro potential has been developed. This tremendous amount of untapped hydro potential presents Currentergy™ with the latitude to substantiate further multi-megawatt hydro development on the continent.

Currentergy™ has positioned itself as the integral part of this equation to not only develop the hydropower potential in developing economies and frontier markets, but also to confront the tremendous energy gap facing these countries. In Africa, there are over 600 million people without access to reliable electricity. In the face of extensive energy poverty, African governments are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources, specifically hydro, to spur inclusive economic development and the improvement of the socio-economic outlook for all inhabitants. Currentergy™ bolsters itself as the comprehensive solution to offer platformed generative expansion of hydro resources that are crucial to the vitality of the future of developing and frontier markets.