The ORCAS™ vs Competing Technologies

As an energy solutions company, Currentergy™ is not only confident in the technical prowess of the ORCAS™ system, but it is also not shy in showing its clients precisely how much more efficient, powerful, and reliable the ORCAS™ system is when compared to competing electricity-generating technologies.

To this end, the Company has created a first-of-its-kind comparative analysis between the ORCAS™ system and GenSets, Wind turbines, and Solar systems of similar energy generating capacities. Major companies existing for decades in the power generation industry with turbine/generator technologies were compared head-to-head against the ORCAS™ system. Currentergy™ also shows that when it comes to gas turbines/generators, Currentergy™ did not back away from the challenge. Equipment downtime is an important factor that is included in the analysis. As any plant manager or person responsible for the operations of a municipal grid, housing complex, or office building will attest, minimum to no downtime is desired to ensure continuous operation.

For purposes of comparison, it should be established that a single 1MW ORCAS™ system will produce 8,584,800 kWh in each year. With comparable technologies, one will eventually arrive at the same power output number; however, the key is understanding what resources are required to achieve comparable production and the costs associated, thereto.

To illustrate the efficiency of the ORCAS™, Currentergy™ presents the true power of the ORCAS™ in Figure 1. The ORCAS™ is significantly more efficient (98%) than GenSets (36%), coal-fired plant (33%), Wind Turbine (35%), and Solar (15%). The high efficiency of the ORCAS™ is created as a result of the advanced design of its turbine and the optimal integration of the turbine with other components of ORCAS™, thereof. Additionally, the ORCAS™ relies on the kinetic energy of the water for electricity production and requires no fossil fuel for its operation. Hence, there is no fuel cost for ORCAS™ and the operational cost is lower for the ORCAS™ than the fossil fuel based technologies.


The ORCAS™ emits virtually zero emissions and is a significantly more efficient and reliable power-generating technology than competing technologies. This proves to be a great benefit to the Company’s clients, as the operating cost is much lower than the competition, as is the amount of emissions the system creates during systems operations.

Figure 2 illustrates the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions per kWh of produced electricity. As illustrated, the CO2 equivalent emission from the ORCAS™ is 0.005 kg, which is significantly lower than the CO2 equivalent emission from GenSets (0.841kg), Coal-fired Plant (0.941kg), Wind turbine (0.018kg) and Solar (0.031kg) on a per kWh basis. The emissions reduction capacity of the ORCAS™ is unparalleled in the power generation.