Dominovas Energy Agrees to Acquire Grupo Trebol in Guatemala City, Guatemala

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – Feb 16, 2016) – Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG) announces an agreement of principal terms to acquire Grupo Trébol Holding, based in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Grupo Trébol is a private global energy solutions company with operations and strategic partnerships throughout Central and South America.

Grupo Trébol operates with minimal debt and more than ~US$2.5 million in verifiable assets, generating a number exceeding US$1 million in net operating profits with ~US$5 million in annual revenue. According to Dominovas Energy Chairman and CEO Neal Allen, “The acquisition of Grupo Trébol by Dominovas Energy will leverage a deeper suite of energy solutions for implementation across targeted global emerging markets, including Latin America”. Senior Vice President of Finance and Investments Eric Fresh added, “The acquisition of Grupo Trébol catapults Dominovas Energy from a ‘pre-revenue’ company to an enterprise with a positive cash flow. With this acquisition, Dominovas Energy has dramatically accelerated its goal to achieve net operating profits, which previously was set to commence in the next 9 – 12 months. The Company now realizes immediate impact to its bottom line, while simultaneously and significantly bolstering its asset profile.”

Dominovas Energy COO Michael Watkins commented, “Using innovation for the generation, distribution and transmission of electricity, our combined corporate business models will serve as force-multipliers in supporting long-term growth within specific energy solution verticals. Dominovas Energy encourages growth through the replication and optimization of micro-grids using our proprietary RUBICON™, alongside other complementary and synergistic technologies such as Hydro and bio-mass, for the efficient delivery of power to governmental, industrial, and commercial customers worldwide.”

“Guatemala, considered by many to be the ‘jewel’ of Latin America, is a model of efficient and balanced electricity production and distribution,” lauded Allen. “Guatemala operates with a government mandated and planned mix of Hydro, bio-mass, solar and geo-thermal energy systems generating approximately 4000MWs of power with only 1500MWs being consumed in-country. Guatemala is an example of a nation that utilizes its natural resources and leadership to allow for profitable “net production and export” of electricity to El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama. Even with this export of electricity, Guatemala continues to efficiently and effectively serve the needs of its citizens”.

Grupo Trébol CEO and a Principal Mario Aguiluz agrees the synergies of the two companies make for a joining of forces that accelerate the goals and objectives of each. “Trébol is at the forefront of a paradigm shift and its cutting edge approach to engaging the multiple market opportunities within Guatemala has allowed for our company’s strong growth and profitable market penetration. Now falling under the umbrella of Dominovas Energy Corporation, the Company’s technical prowess and access to billions of dollars in project finance will allow this division to flourish relatively uninhibited of the financial constraints we have worked through previously.”

About Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG)

Founded in 2005, Dominovas Energy Corporation (DEC) is a publicly traded company, based in Nevada. With its operating headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Dominovas Energy Corporation is a leading power solutions provider to emerging markets around the world. DEC employs its proprietary RUBICON™ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology for deployment in multi-megawatt power generation units worldwide. The worldwide pursuit of clean and efficient production of electricity via Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology inspired its founders to create an “energy solutions” company. Recognizing that “green” and “alternative energy” markets offer immense potential for growth, Dominovas Energy is aggressively moving to allocate its intellectual and financial capital forthwith, in order to strategically address a green energy solution that is 100% reliable, efficient, and measurably cleaner than GenSets and CCGT. Additionally, unlike wind and solar solutions the RUBICON provides baseload power 24/7/365 days a year. By manufacturing and deploying the RUBICON™ throughout of the world, Dominovas Energy is committed to creating shareholder value by not only generating guaranteed revenue streams, but also by increasing the value of “human and community capital.” Devoted to core values by operating under the utmost of honesty and integrity in all its business transactions, Dominovas Energy is additionally dedicated to respecting the rights of all individuals, while acknowledging and respecting all cultures necessary to support the growth and development of the communities and countries in which it operates. The Company strongly believes in the impact this singularly advanced technology will make on the world and is resolute in its mission to provide electricity where and when economically viable.

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