Dominovas Energy Seeks to Become an Exclusive Energy Provider for the University of Johannesburg

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Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG) today announces it has entered into formal negotiations with key officials at the University of Johannesburg to become the exclusive supplier of electricity for the campuses of the University of Johannesburg in Johannesburg, South Africa utilizing Dominovas Energy’s RUBICON™ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology.  The Company has submitted its Energy Solutions Technical Survey to facilities managers of the University that will determine the overall need of the campuses and will ultimately set the stage for the execution of a formal Power Provider Agreement (PPA) between Dominovas Energy and the University of Johannesburg.  The total number of Megawatts(MW) expected from the PPA will be a minimum of 12MW.

“As we have been working very closely with University officials over the last number of months, this was a natural progression of business, having first come together to facilitate the 50kW Showcase at the University of Johannesburg.  As the ‘right’ individuals have become more educated on the prowess and efficiency of Dominovas Energy’s RUBICON™ system, the inquiries became more specific as to what the Company could do for the University at large to deliver a cleaner, more efficient use of resources for the generation of electricity,” Dominovas Energy COO and president of its fuel cell division Michael Watkins commented.  “The key was to first determine the energy need of the University and those steps are underway as we speak.  The second step was to insure a dedicated fuel source was in place to power the RUBICON™”, Watkins went on to say.

The RUBICON™ has the ability to reform multiple hydrocarbons to be utilized as a fuel source, however, the reliability of delivery of said fuel source and the consistency of the fuel source is critical to the overall operation of the system to generate continuous electricity.  Dominovas Energy and the University of Johannesburg officials are working in tandem to insure the delivery of a reliable natural gas fuel source, as the logistics for other fuels such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Diesel fuel do not support a seamless, reliable and consistent delivery in the University that can be used in the RUBICONTM.

When asked how this will impact the launch of the 50kW Showcase, Watkins said, “This is a long-term play for Dominovas Energy to provide utility-scale electrification to Africa, and as soon as a reliable natural gas source is in place, the Company will be ready to fire up the ‘Showcase’ and show its capabilities to the public at large.  I will be able to offer a concrete timeframe for the delivery of the fuel source and subsequent launch in a matter of days.  However, while we work to insure the delivery of dedicated natural gas infrastructure to the University, I am excited that the exercise of working in collaboration has now led to our becoming an exclusive electricity provider.  It speaks an awful lot about the dedication of effort and the technical work that is happening behind the scenes in an effort to deliver our system to the sub-Saharan region and beyond,” Watkins concluded.

University officials are finalizing Dominovas Energy’s Energy Solution Technical Survey, which will allow Dominovas Energy to be able to conduct a complete and thorough analysis of the overall “State” of electricity at the University of Johannesburg.  With this analysis, the Company will create a report on current inefficiencies within the current infrastructure and will further show the potential savings that will be realized utilizing the RUBICON™ to generate electricity.

About Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG)

Founded in 2005, Dominovas Energy Corporation (DEC) is a publicly traded company, based in Nevada.  With its operating headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Dominovas Energy Corporation is a leading power solutions provider to emerging markets around the world.  DEC employs its proprietary RUBICON™ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology for deployment in multi-megawatt power generation units worldwide.  The worldwide pursuit of clean and efficient production of electricity via Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology inspired its founders to create an “energy solutions” company.  Recognizing that “green” and “alternative energy” markets offer immense potential for growth, Dominovas Energy is aggressively moving to allocate its intellectual and financial capital forthwith, in order to strategically address a green energy solution that is 100% reliable, efficient, and measurably cleaner than GenSets and CCGT.  Additionally, unlike wind and solar solutions the RUBICON provides baseload power 24/7/365 days a year.  By manufacturing and deploying the RUBICON™ throughout of the world, Dominovas Energy is committed to creating shareholder value by not only generating guaranteed revenue streams, but also by increasing the value of “human and community capital.”  Devoted to core values by operating under the utmost of honesty and integrity in all its business transactions, Dominovas Energy is additionally dedicated to respecting the rights of all individuals, while acknowledging and respecting all cultures necessary to support the growth and development of the communities and countries in which it operates. The Company strongly believes in the impact this singularly advanced technology will make on the world and is resolute in its mission to provide electricity where and when economically viable.

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