Dr. Shamiul Islam

Meet the Scientist, Dr. Shamiul Islam

pic-2EVP Fuel Cell Operations Dominovas Energy Corp., Inventor, Scholar, Professor and Visionary

Dr. Islam supports a bold vision for global technological innovation that will revolutionize and drive the entire fuel cell industry. He is a “new generation” expert in solid oxide fuel cell technology that believes in the commercial viability of SOFC platformed upon a multi megawatt scale. Dr. Islam champions and supports the rapid acceleration of the adoption and integration of SOFC fuel cell power systems within a multi-megawatt commercially viable platform construct worldwide.

Dr. Islam’s deployment of the RUBICON™ SOFC system will prove it to be silent, environmentally friendly, and capable of reforming multiple fuel resources necessary to provide multiple reconfigurable power output channels. The competitive advantage is the system’s economical and efficient utilization of globally available fuels via specifically designed reformers that support the infusion of diesel, jet fuel, natural gas, propane, ethanol, methanol, methane, and bio-fuels producing a significantly reduced emission output with the primary by-products being water and reusable heat.

Dr. Islam knows that there is much progress to be achieved specific to creating processes relative to the manufacturing, innovation, and supply chain distribution of the RUBICON™ that will support high volume and economically viable commercialization.

As the EVP of Fuel Cell Operations for Dominovas Energy Corporation, Dr. Islam’s duties include: lead the design and operation of SOFC projects, coordinate the systems integration approach, fuel cell testing, project management, coordination of project milestones along with equipment budgets. His expertise extends to SOFC materials, research and their development. His knowledge on the design and construction of bench scale testing systems for high temperature chemical reactions is unparalleled in the industry and is acknowledged by his patents specific to, “Chemical compositions suitable for use as solid oxide fuel cell anodes, and processes for making same; as well as his second patent specific to, “Methods of porous unidirectional Si2N2O-SiN3N4 composite using ethanol bubbles in a viscous polymeric slurry”. He possesses hands on knowledge of specialized laboratory analytical techniques (e.g. electrochemical interface, mass-spec, adsorption) along with being proficient in Aspen HYSYS, VMGSim, Minitab and MS Office.

Dr. Islam received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada (Thesis title: preparation of carbon-tolerant solid-oxide fuel cell anodes using microwave irradiation). Dr. Islam received his Master of Science in Material Engineering (M.Sc.) from Soonchunhyang University, South Korea and his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (B.Sc.) from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh. He has numerous published articles.