Global Poverty can be Alleviated by Clean Energy

clean energy

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A recent paper states eradicating global poverty is possible, but it’s a noble goal made more complex by climate change – and coal’s role in that…

Coal industry claims that it can lift people from poverty, and those of others stating a “strong moral case” for coal and referring to it as “nature’s gifts, is at best a mistake according to the “Beyond coal : Scaling up clean energy to fight global poverty” position paper.

The paper is a joint project between various poverty and development organisations; including the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) – an independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues.

“The evidence is clear: a lasting solution to poverty requires the world’s wealthiest economies to renounce coal, and we can and must end extreme poverty without the precipitous expansion of new coal power in developing ones,” says the paper. The report states while some electricity-poor households may have the mains grid close by, mismanagement and connection costs deny them access. Even more electricity-poor households live far from the grid: 84% are in…

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