The Dominovas Energy Corp team of leaders and its manufacturing partners possess over 200 years of combined business experience at the executive leadership level.

Experience with the cadre of leadership include:

» Profit and Loss Management & Responsibility
» Manufacturing Engineering
» Tool/Process Engineering
» Electrical Engineering
» Materials Science
» Materials Management
» Quality Engineering/Management (Lean/Six Sigma)
» Design Engineering
» Supply Chain Management
» Chemistry
» Marketing
» Legal
» Public Relations
» Construction Management
» Facilities Management
» Applied Sciences





Management Team





Neal Allen
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Allen’s experience and expertise is utilized in a manner consistent with the duties that are customary and usual to those of Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Allen formerly served in the same capacity with Dominovas Energy, LLC. Prior to Dominovas Energy, LLC he served as the Principal Shareholder of a private Family Office, which specialized in the development and implementation of proprietary revenue models as a force multiplier ensuring optimal deployment, utilization, and management of financial resources. Under Mr. Allen’s watch, the Family office’s endeavors included the ownership of; a “major brand” automobile dealership, several healthcare companies, waste management and disposal enterprises, land acquisition and development, and natural resource development enterprises. Mr. Allen majored in finance and studied law and is proud to be a University of Southern California Trojan.

Michael R. Watkins
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Watkins’ expertise, experience, and cadre of skills make for precise execution of complex strategies. As Chief Operating Officer he will continue in the same role as previously held with Dominovas Energy, LLC. Mr. Watkins is charged with the specific mandate that he oversees and directs the daily operations for the manufacture and deployment of the SOFC along with ensuring the efficiency of Dominovas Energy’s sustainable revenue models. Mr. Watkins was formerly the Managing Partner of TEAL Development Group, LLC a real estate acquisition and land development firm that specialized in the development and construction of class “A” residential and commercial properties. As Managing Partner, Mr. Watkins responsibilities included, project operations and logistics, cash flow management, marketing strategy, and final disposition. Mr. Watkins is a highly decorated veteran of the United States Air Force, having served in many key military operations in the 1990s. His cadre of skill sets makes for precise execution of complex strategies resulting in maximum efficiency and sustained profits. Mr. Watkins received his undergraduate degree in finance from Howard University.

Dr. Shamiul Islam
EVP Fuel Cell Operations

Dr. Islam is one of the foremost experts on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology. As Director of Fuel Cell Operations for Dominovas Energy Corporation his duties will include; fuel cell design, testing, project management, coordination of project milestones along with equipment budgets. His expertise extends to SOFC materials, research and their development. His knowledge on the design and construction of bench scale testing systems for high temperature chemical reactions is unparalleled in the industry and is acknowledged by his patents specific to; “Chemical compositions suitable for use as solid oxide fuel cell anodes, and processes for making same as well as his second patent specific to; “Methods of porous unidirectional Si2N2O-SiN3N4 composite using ethanol bubbles in a viscous polymeric slurry”. He possesses hands on knowledge of specialized laboratory analytical techniques (e.g. mass-spec, adsorption) along with being proficient in Aspen HYSYS, VMGSim, Minitab and MS Office.

Dr. Islam received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada (Thesis title: preparation of carbon-tolerant solid-oxide fuel cell anodes using microwave irradiation). Dr. Islam received his Master of Science in Material Engineering (M.Sc.) from Soonchunhyang University, South Korea and his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (B.Sc.) from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh. He has numerous published articles.





Key Team

Emilio DeJesus
Board Member & President of Dominovas Energy AFRICA

As President of Dominovas Energy Angola, Mr. Emilio Dejesus provides valuable intelligence pertaining to each country’s barriers of entry, political climate and most suitable partners. The role of Country Advisor entails visiting potential countries, researching their state of the energy production industry, interview potential partners and meet with political officials. Additional responsibilities include assistance in negotiating favorable Power Purchase Agreements, liaising with local partners as well as with potential “Off Takers”. As a successful Country Advisor, Mr. DeJesus is integral in assisting in the creating of strategies that best bring to fruition the deployment of the RUBICON™ to emerging markets in Africa.

Mr. Emilio Dejesus managed telecommunications projects for over 15 years for a fortune 500 company. His extensive experience includes the deployment of new technologies within Continental USA. Emilio is a member of IEEE, US- Angola Chamber of Commerce and sits on the board of directors of Worldtibe Group International & Grupo Jemilce which has interests in cosmetics, transportation, commodities trading, agriculture, industrial cleaning and real state.

Emilio has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical engineering from Temple University in Philadelphia, a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken NJ and a MBA from George Washington University in Washington DC. He also has extended Post graduate certifications in Business management & technology and he is also a certified Lean six sigma green belt.

Vassilis Koutras
Managing Director, Francophone Countries

Mr. Koutras is a seasoned business executive with invaluable experience in multiple international organizations, providing management advisory services and institutional support for government owned and private companies for many years in organizational strategy, operations, transformation of companies, and management control.

Mr. Koutras also has an extensive work history in project design and structuring, strategy formulation and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of projects and business plans. Mr. Koutras has held several managerial and consulting positions at the highest levels in Africa in the energy and road planning sectors, having worked in the World Bank’s Finance for Management Control and Institutional Reform, where he led projects from conception and implementation to conclusion.

Mr. Koutras is a “Go-To” guy for the proliferation of business in Africa, as he has led top negotiating teams for business development and market openings as a facilitator for private companies in Africa. Mr. Koutras has also been a private entrepreneur and general manager in South Africa, with specific experience in international trading, solar water heating and photovoltaic installations, consumer technology products such as bluetooth applications in the automotive sector and accessories for the cellular industry, and infrastructure projects contracting and executing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has an Economics BA degree from University of Athens (Greece) and a Master’s degree in Economics / Econometrics from Queen’s University in Canada.

Alejandro Contreras
Finance Manager

Mr. Contreras is a finance veteran, having excelled in a multitude of industries from Telecom to Government. He is a specialist. Through the course of his financial career, he has developed flawless skills that allow for the creation of complex modeling, forecasting, and budgeting of up to $1.6 Billion, to allow for precise reporting directly to shareholders and government agencies. In fact, when best described by others he has worked with, the consistent theme to describe him is that he is where adaptability and responsiveness meet rigor and precision. For Dominovas Energy, Contreras will be responsible for designing and developing decision making models and analysis for both the RUBICON™ and ORCA™ systems, assessing the Directive Teams on possible acquisitions, and supporting the deployment of clean renewable energy around the world. Mr. Contreras received his Industrial Engineering degree with specialization in finances from the University of Chile.

Patents & Publications






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Published Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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