Renewable and Clean Energy Cannot be Stopped

renewable energy

Original Article posted at Quartz | By Nancy Pfund

Like many others, proponents of clean energy were thrown into a state of shock after the US election results. During the campaign, now President-elect Trump dismissed climate change as a Chinese hoax and threatened an abrupt shift in US energy policy.

Despite this shaken political climate, there are many reasons to remain optimistic about the prospects for clean energy in the United States. Specifically, renewable energy is broadly popular, makes sense financially, and is largely state-regulated.

Outside of Washington, there is overwhelming support for renewable energy. Gallup found that 79% of Americans would like to see more emphasis on domestic solar energy production and they are increasingly voting with their roofs: more than one million US homes now have solar panels installed. Red states like South Dakota and Idaho are on the forefront of renewable energy adoption alongside blue states like California and Massachusetts. Clean energy is not a partisan issue—it’s a technology that can provide…

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