Renewable Energy Growth to Remain Strong into 2017

renewable energy

Original Article Appears at CPI Financial | Nabilah Annuar

Dr. Nasser Saidi, Chairman of the Clean Energy Business Council conveyed that the renewable energy industry is bracing itself for a critical year of positive activity in 2017 as key markets in GCC and MENA accelerate their energy diversification programmes to meet national targets.

Speaking ahead of the Clean Energy Business Council’s (CEBC) fifth annual Clean Energy Summit, Dr. Saidi said that developers and financiers will move into 2017 full of expectations that the region’s shift to low carbon energy sources will accelerate, led by markets such as Saudi Arabia. In line with the Kingdom’s National Transformation Plan, Saudi Arabia plans to instal 3.5GW of renewables by 2020.

Kuwait and Bahrain are targeting five per cent of installed capacity from renewables by the same date. The UAE plans to derive 21 per cent of its power from clean sources by 2021. Jordan will connect 1,800 MW of renewable power to its national grid by the end of 2018 and Egypt plans to raise its share of renewable energy to 20 per cent by 2022. In addition, Morocco is expected to have…

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