RUBICON™ Solution

The RUBICON™ Solution

Dominovas Energy’s most important product is its RUBICON™ fuel cell system. Its most important service is providing reliable, efficient, and clean electricity on a 24-hr basis, 365 days a year.

For communities worldwide, Dominovas Energy’s RUBICON™ can be a catalyst in developing and sustaining a standard of living consistent with real-time population and industry growth. Within any successful thriving society, clean water and the sophisticated generation and use of energy are vital elements necessary to ensure economic and social viability. The economic strength of industry, the speed of transportation, the conveniences of home and workplace, a strong and healthy societal foundation, and the security of a nation are each derived from ingenious and efficient provisions and applications of various sources and forms of energy.

Distributed Energy Power System (DEPS)

Dominovas Energy’s DISTRIBUTED ENERGY POWER SYSTEM “DEPS” represents a shift in power generation philosophy from a centralized natural monopoly of utilities, toward open, competitive markets—a methodology approach that will sweep the globe and revolutionize the near trillion dollar energy industry. As the cost of ever-larger power supply, or “dis-economies of scale,” come under greater scrutiny, Dominovas Energy recognizes that a smaller and more efficient location-specific energy source closer to the “End User” is the best approach and methodology.


In addition to becoming more economical when mass-produced, modular systems can be adjusted to match the scale of demand and installed in considerably less time than a centralized power station. Taking all factors into consideration, it is the qualified opinion of Dominovas Energy that the SOLUTION to the “Energy Crisis” rests in a strategy rooted in the implementation of what we call a “Distributed Energy Power System (DEPS).” The “DEPS,” consists of strategically deploying geographically separate modular systems from 500kW mobile systems to 500MW power plants. The solution contains both transformational and operational approaches to insure optimal methodology, in order to best solve an entity’s energy requirements. Combined strategies deploying “DEPS,” is a game changer relative to any system and solution that an entity may be considering. The “DEPS” improves reliability by reducing demands on transmission systems. Many electrical grids are often over capacity and experience more than 40% degradation and loss.

RUBICON™ Deployment Strategy

  1. Reduced transmission and theft losses.
    As new transmission lines are buried, combined technical and non-technical transmission and distribution losses are significantly reduced.
  2. Reduced environmental impact.
  3. Increased fuel diversity.
    In most cases, location is selected close to the best possible fuel supply route, however, as long as a fuel source can be delivered to the RUBICON™, the system will continue to function efficiently and reliably.
  4. Increased opportunity for economic development and job creation.
    Through “DEPS,” dedicated RUBICON™ stations are located in immediate proximity to manufacturing, plant facilities, and corporate offices of businesses to ensure 100% energy reliability.