South Africa betting on renewables for energy

renewable energy

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South Africa will start commissioning new energy capacity by 2022 at the earliest, the Department of Energy said on Tuesday. The department briefed Parliament’s portfolio committee on energy on the Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) and the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which were released last year for public comment. The department said the initial energy capacity in the base case scenario (the starting point) will come from a combination of photo-voltaic (PV) energy, wind and gas. Commissioning for the base load power, the department said, would be “highly linked” to Eskom’s plant retirement schedule and would include:

  • conventional base load, which is coal, by 2028
  • nuclear by 2037
  • 1 000MW of hydropower around 2030

With regard to the energy mix, the department said gas and renewable energy would form the “biggest chunk” of installed energy capacity by 2050 and there would be a significant reduction in the installed capacity from coal…

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