System Monitoring

SystemMonitorDominovas Energy is dedicated to bringing the most technologically advanced energy system to the world. Critical to assuring the most advanced systems integration is our ability to remotely monitor each RUBICON™ “DEPS.”

Consider an example utilizing a flashlight as our model for demonstration. As the light on a flashlight begins to dim, one is not able to determine if the “dimming” is a result of the batteries weakening or if the dimming is being caused by weak batteries. Importantly, however, is that in the cases where the dimming is a result of a weak battery, one is not able to determine the extent to which the batteries have deteriorated.

Dominovas Energy has built into the RUBICON™ fuel cell system, an ability to remotely monitor its systems utilizing a proprietary 5th Generation communications software owned by the Dominovas Energy.

The net result for the “End User” is 100% reliability of the energy generated by Dominovas Energy’s “DEPS.” Long before there is an impact to the end-user, Dominovas Energy will have recognized any issue and corrected the malfunction prior to anyone at the plant realizing there was a malfunction occurring.

Dominovas Energy installs the communications suite along with each “DEPS” to insure monitoring at 5G speeds…far superior and faster than the existing 3G speeds and the advertised 4G systems.

The RUBICON™ communication monitoring system is a proprietary and patented software technology that delivers true “5G”, 5th generation wireless transmission, optimizing the specific “best attributes” of both WiMax and WiFi technologies. This customized wireless solution is additionally anchored in an advanced OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing) array thus delivering a guaranteed minimum 40 mbps data rate and bandwidth, with up to 140 mbps raw, and faster with specific enhancements.

These speeds are achieved at a distance of three to five times that of current WiMax technology using existing licensed and unlicensed higher spectrum and frequencies, many of which are already being used in the delivery of 3G and the current attempts at delivering a viable 4th Generation wireless product. The current delivery speed, data rates, and bandwidth capacity exist without the usual interferences caused by weak signal strength, overpopulated data usage, and weather conditions.

The current 3G spectrum is at capacity with current 3G communications systems, thus leaving little to no room and bandwidth for the wave of future, 4G LTE data throughput, and speeds. For LTE to reach the speeds that Dominovas Energy is reaching with its 5G technology, LTE will need major spectrum allocations of 10 to 20 MHz or greater which is similar to the limitations of WiMax spectrum reuse. LTE is no faster than the current 3G HSPA technology with 5MHz or less of the current available spectrum and becomes inherently more cost prohibitive. This equates to no company deploying LTE solutions unless they have spectrum of 10MHz or more for each individual sector and that assumes that they have the ability to support frequency reuse.

Without the patented beam-forming applications that are used by Dominovas Energy Corp, the best OFDM frequency reuse that LTE can support is N=3. When guard bands are added it will take an additional 40MHz or more of spectrum to deploy LTE. The spectrum for the current GSM 850 and 900MHz frequencies are 12 to 15 MHz. Currently the largest 3G 2GHz spectrum maxes out at 30MHz and are filled to capacity.

The end result is that LTE requires new and very expensive spectrum to make it worthwhile to upgrade from current CDMA based technologies. The CDMA base stations that exist cannot be upgraded in their current state of configuration. There is speculation that they may be able to support dual modes that require entirely new radios. With the additional upgrades of baseband cards, backhaul links, radios, antennas, and power supplies, the reality of an upgrade to LTE becomes less of an evolution and more like a complete overhaul of existing technology, which short term is a very expensive proposition, notwithstanding the aforementioned cost of new spectrum. Dominovas Energy Corp has gone to such great lengths to monitor its RUBICON™ systems because its reputation for 100% reliable, consistent and affordable power can only be achieved with superior monitoring capabilities.